Why does my tattoo look darker after laser removal? – Tattoo Removal In Peoria Illinois

For a few reasons.

Our team of certified laser technicians takes laser care very seriously which means they understand the full importance of a clear and color match to our client’s skin. A high-level laser technician is a highly skilled, highly trained technician, capable of accurately determining how much laser was absorbed by the patient’s skin, how much would leave visible residue, and what the overall appearance of the tattoo will look like. The result will be the most perfect tattoo imaginable.

How does my tattoo look different on my leg?

Most tattoos are different colors and depending on your tattoo you may see different color variation, including:

Black on white.

Black on color.

Light gray on dark gray.

Lighter brown on lighter brown.

The most extreme colors may make it extremely hard to achieve.

How do I know if I’ve gotten a light or dark tattoo?

Not all tattoos are alike or exactly the same. However, generally those that are considered light tattoos tend to be white while dark tattoos tend to be black with light colors.

What does the tattoo look like after laser removal?

For our clients who are looking to get a “one-of-a-kind” tattoo, there is always the possibility of losing their skin, but you have nothing to worry about! Laser removal of our clients’ tattoos is an irreversible treatment for most tattoos. Your skin will not change color, but the color variation and the appearance of tattoos in the future is totally random. As long as you are still alive, you will only ever see new colors and will not have to worry about getting a tattoo that is permanently changed.

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My tattoo is faded. Can it be fixed?

Your tattoo is not permanent and your skin is not strong enough for it. If faded tattoos or tattoos that have changed color in the past do not seem “too late” to receive a laser removal, we would urge you to get your laser care done soon, but we are not responsible for the loss of skin in the process!

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