Why does my tattoo look darker after laser removal? – Permanent Tattoo Removal Cream Tamil

This is often simply due to the laser cutting and fading of the tattoo. For every 3 to 4 weeks of laser treatment there will be light fading, and this process will continue for the duration of your tattoo as well:

• Your tattoo will slowly fade as your skin regenerates

This process usually lasts approximately two months in most cases

• Your tattoo will be lighter than it was before and may look more yellowish if you have any darker ink

• Your tattoo may appear a bit darker as if you have a deeper tattoo

• You may also notice that your tattoo is faded or will be slightly darker than it initially was

• It is important to keep yourself informed as you will have to constantly change or replace the wax

What if my tattoo is not fading after laser treatment and will still look yellow?

If your tattoo is not fading after laser treatment it isn’t because you have no pigment in the tattoo (your pigment does not “burn out” after laser treatment). There are several factors that are involved in the process of laser treatment to bring down or fade your tattoo:

• The laser is not aimed at your entire surface

• The laser is not aimed at the skin that your tattoo covers (the surface is very thin and will remain so for a long time)

• There is more ink (laser treatment doesn’t just eliminate the pigment in one part of your tattoo)

• There is pigment not in your tattoo as some of your pigment or pigment in your hair may have already burned out

• Your tattoo has been damaged or is deteriorating as your skin loses its ability to retain it due to aging

• Your tattoo is so dark its skin is not able to absorb the light and your body will lose color in the areas you are tattooing

How long will my tattoo be faded after laser treatment?

The time it usually takes for your tattoo to fade after a single treatment is quite long: 3 to 4 months or more, depending on the intensity of your tattoo and the type of laser. However, if you had laser treatment for two to three weeks there will be enough time for pigment to be cleared (laser treatment isn’t as intense as it is with the laser that will be used on your entire surface, but you should feel very good about the outcome and the fact that you may be able to get a tattoo that will not fade for a very long time).

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