What qualifications do you need for laser tattoo removal? – Tattoo Removal Pain

You must be qualified to remove tattoos with laser technology. You have to have a laser tattoo removal license or a laser tattoo removal training.

Is laser tattoo removal a medical procedure?

If you want to remove a tattoo with lasers, you must have a written certification from an authorized medical practitioner. It must show the type, location, severity and duration of the tattoo and the presence of radiation.

If a tattooing license or certification is not available in your region, you have the right to request an appointment at the clinic or to make a phone call to get free, confidential laser tattoo removal.

What is the cost of laser tattoo removal, who pays for it and how has it been organized?

Every laser tattoo removal will cost around $800 to $900. The fee covers everything – supplies, equipment and supplies to work on the tattoo. The fee will be charged to the clients with a laser tattoo removal license. The fee will also be covered if the tattoo has complications which will cost time and materials.

You can decide to pay the fee once you have received a recommendation about the laser tattoo removal. In case you have not received a recommendation, you can always ask for an appointment during the first visit for an overview, to review the process of removal and to learn about the services available. This is for your safety and we are only responsible for your care.

What are the types of laser tattoo removal?

You can have many types of tattoo removal at a tattoo removal clinic. We use both manual and electrotective laser tattoo removal. In both cases the main purpose is to remove a tattoo and remove it from the skin.

How do you clean the tattoo?

The skin surface must be clean and dry. You can use alcohol to clean the tattoo. If the tattoo is damaged or the tattoo has some bacteria, bleach is good solution for cleaning the tattoo. If there is no immediate pain or bleeding, no other treatment will work.

When your tattoo removal was done?

Your tattoo removal is usually done within 2 weeks. So, you have two years!

What is the return time for tattoo removal

Our tattoo removal takes less than 5-6 days.

How long does laser tattoo removal take

First of all, it takes a few days depending on how much pigment you need for the removal.

Once your tattoo removal is done, you have 2 years to heal.

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