What is the fastest way to remove a tattoo?

With a sharp razor and a light application of wax. You can wax a tattoo right under it, or you can just do a spot. The former is faster (but takes more time) because it’s going to leave more of the original tattoo on the skin than the spot. You will have to wax the entire tattoo area on both the tattoo surface and inside the skin.
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How long does the healing process take?

Tattoo heals anywhere from one to three days, depending on how long and deeply you’ve tattooed it. The healing process starts with some of the tissue being exposed to oxygen. As long as the skin is healthy and isn’t too tight (like a scratch), it should heal about as quickly as a person’s typical hand. As long as you know what to do with it and how, you can often get it done in a day.

Will tattoos bleed?

No. Tattoos are thin, elastic and very delicate. Once again, your skin is in shock. It’s also covered with layers of elasticity. There’s no way a tattoo (or any part of the body) will come out without it actually coming off through one of those layers. If you’re concerned about bleeding, do the spot and/or wax step first. Just to be sure your body remembers the scars and is clean.

What’s your favorite way to tattoo a leg?

My favorite way to tattoo a leg is probably the most painful and the most painful if you want to cover it up. I get the leg tattooed in the back at the ankle while the skin on the front is exposed. The skin on the front will bleed more, but there’s nothing you can do about that. I do this when I go on dates. They have a tattoo station set up near the door so I wear a shirt and go there with my tattoo. I have to know where to put the needle and what the angle and how much pressure to bring to bring the tattoo off. It’ll be in the right spot. Most times, I just tattoo the skin on the front, but in a couple of cases when they’ve got me tattooed a couple of times, they get me tattooed on the back to cover up the tattoos.

Can you tattoo an ankle when you’re pregnant? How do you tattoo it without having it bleed?

No. Tattoos for pregnant women are not allowed under FDA regulations. The FDA can do their own thing though, and it was