Is there painless tattoo removal?

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Many people have a skin that doesn’t heal to the same level as the skin you’re going to be tattooing. They can be difficult to remove. You can have surgery for this. There’s a lot of people that have had it done, and there were many that never heard about it since we have been around for so long.

Does it take 10 weeks before I get a permanent tattoo?

That’s a little tough to say right now, but most people think that it’s going to be about 10 to 10-month process. You know, you’re getting the job done, but I would say a bit longer in reality. I think you’re going to see a lot of changes happen to your skin before you even start the process. It takes time, and it’s a lot of pain, to get that tattoo to be done.

I was having trouble getting this tattoo done on my back. I had a friend that took it off there on the back of my ankle that had it. He said, “This is awesome! There’s never going to be that tattoo again!” And I told him it’s not, you’re going to be done! So he didn’t want to stop it. After a few weeks, I had it done and thought, “Okay, this is real. Let’s try something different.”

I think it’s important to take the tattoo off. It’s going to feel like it took years. You’re going to feel like you are doing something that’s totally unique to you. When that tattoo is done, you might have this feeling of wanting that one last thing you ever did, and then wanting to have your own tattoo. So I think it really depends on what you want.

What are the most common tattoos?

Usually it’s the tattoos on the neck, the arms and the legs. Generally they’re for friends. A lot of people with kids can have the tattoos on their arms. Sometimes people want to show their kids or to let them know who’s their best friend. And sometimes there’s just a connection that they’ve had that just comes to the back of their head.

Is there any benefit to going with a tattoo removal company?

I think they are very great to have. They’re the same as any other tattoo removal company. A lot of times they are the ones that are not going to use any chemicals that could hurt the skin that you have, but on the other hand, there are some