Is PicoSure the best tattoo removal?

We would still like to add a few words on this issue so that you guys have a safe and confident opinion from someone who knows what they’re talking about.

1) PicoSure is not a miracle, PicoSure’s removal rate is 3% which is not ideal for anyone that is not used to getting their body painted. So what is better than 3%?!?! There is no doubt that it is a lot better than other tattoo removal methods such as bleaching, dye-sublimation etc. However, this has nothing to do with whether you will be satisfied with the results and if you are really ready to commit to getting a full body tattoo. What matters is your goals, needs and your budget. What is in the long term? Who cares – what is in the short term?

2) PicoSure has 2 major disadvantages: it leaves a slight red mark which means that a little more time and patience is required after applying the new tattoos, it leaves a small amount of residue that has to be washed off after. If, like us, you have tattoos that have been sitting for a month, or 2 or more weeks, or a month or more, there is no way you are going to wash it off in one sitting. We have seen a lot of people get really irritated with the sticky residue that is left behind on their tattoos.

3) The new tattoo removal method requires you to be aware of where everything needs to be covered. In our opinion, it is almost always better not to tattoo over something that you don’t want covered, but on the flip side it could make the person that gets the tattoo more confused. PicoSure is an amazing tattoo removal method, but when it comes to figuring out where everything needs to be covered, it comes down to your preferences, your budget, your mood and your state of mind. We hope that this article really helped. In conclusion we recommend this tattoo removal method in case you can’t be bothered to spend a lot of money for other options.

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