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PicoSure has all the right ingredients for a long term tattoo removal, but what other benefits must it have to be the best? If you have any questions about PicoSure tattoo removal you might be directed in the right direction by this video where the author of PicoSure is talking about all the benefits that the best tattoos removal treatments provide.

The World’s First Virtual Reality System

Vive is an innovative smartphone-controlled head-mounted display (HMD) that connects to PC through Bluetooth and allows for seamless integration, and a completely immersive experience.

Vive is a revolutionary new way for gamers to immerse themselves in an immersive “Hands-On” gaming experience. It allows players to seamlessly move through the game, explore new areas and use VR to play a role in their favourite moments.

This new development creates an entirely new level of immersion through the use of VR where existing technology limitations are no longer an issue.

Key Features

Comes with a headset that fits snugly onto any smartphone, tablet or laptop, providing your PC with the highest possible resolution rendering on the widest range of hardware.

Allows for the widest range of input devices through SteamVR, which enables developers to create immersive and natural games for PC and Mobile platforms.

Easy Setup

When it comes to setup, the Vive’s all-over-the-place system lets you go to town. As you install and configure your Vive, you get a number of new features – like automatic SteamVR setup and motion controllers which work with any VR hardware.

As this is a Windows-based headset, the SteamVR app and SteamVR Hub are available to support the Vive, allowing for cross-screen play on SteamVR as well as any other Steam device. You can also use your Vive for VR demos and games, such as Daydream and the Oculus Rift. You can even use SteamVR to connect a headset with other devices via a USB port, including the new Samsung Gear VR.


SteamVR’s VR-ready support means SteamVR is not just supported right out of the box – you must first set up a SteamVR account before you can even play your games. It’s a simple process:

Login to Steam (PC users) or Steam’s online store and select Your Games and Apps .

and select . Click the Gear icon of your Steam account, then choose Add Game .

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