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To save the day? Maybe. To just have a scar that stays? Maybe. To have a simple tattoo removal that might cost thousands? We don’t know but we’re confident that it will happen sooner rather than later.

A tattoo can be one of those “unseen” items that you never get to see what’s attached to your body (but you have to be aware that someone might get attached to you). It’s like the “sugar-coated beauty” that you don’t realize you have just until you try to take pictures of it! Don’t get us wrong, getting a tattoo is usually quite a bargain!

We’ve got you covered with a cost-effective tattoo removal option that will cost you less than the cost of getting a typical one taken out. We’ve done over a century of research into the best tattoo removal procedure, and we’ve found that we have the best prices around.

What is a tattoo removal?

As it happens, tattoo removal is a simple procedure; we’re one of the few tattoo removal services that does the job using only a few standard surgical materials and simple procedures. By removing a tattoo using just a few simple tools and a few gentle motions our tattoo removal procedure reduces the risk of scarring.

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Your tattoo removal can cost as little as $20 and as much as $1000. We know that not everyone has the time and skills to do something this simple but, we are here to help you. We take extra care of your skin and provide everything you need to get the best result, so your tattoos are removed as quickly as possible.

Our tattoo removal will remove tattoos that are as big as $500 in size and as small as $20. These are the types of sizes that tattoo removal is used for most often. We also remove tattoos down to the size of dime. If it is a larger size, then it’s more costly but we’re very happy to try to work with you on a fair and appropriate price.

Who gets a tattoo removal?

We have had a great response to our offer for a good number of years; there are usually a lot of people we can help in need of an affordable tattoo removal.

Our tattoo removal is offered every Saturday from 9:30 am till 4:30 pm at the Clinic at the North American Fine Art Fair. Most of the people we see for tattoo removal need the services of another person because they aren’t the easiest on the skin to deal

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