How much does it cost to have a tattoo removed? – Average Cost Of Laser Tattoo Removal Uk

In the UK, the costs of tattoo removal vary with the treatment and the type of tattoo; in terms of a ‘cost per tattoo’, cost can be very difficult to assess; as a direct result of these varied prices and different treatment options, it is important to keep in mind the total costs of having a tattoo removed, along with its benefits.

There are two main types of tattoo removal – removal of the original tattoo, or removal of the art, and, conversely, removal of an overlay.

A patient should speak to their local tattoo removal surgeon to assess a range of options and costs.

If removal of art is not the goal, the cost to have the tattoo removed is likely to be significantly higher, with many tattoo removal centres charge as much as £40,000, with prices on the NHS increasing by up to £100,000 for non-urgent procedures.

How many tattoos will they need?

Most women have fewer tattoos than men, but with most women wanting at least as many tattoo removal procedures, it is essential that their choice of tattoo removal specialist is decided on a case-by-case basis according to both individual risk and financial need.

Some providers charge more for larger or more complex tattoos because of the complexity of the design, so their costs can be significantly higher. For example, in Scotland a 1m × 0.5m tattoo costs £150,000; the same design with a 2.5m × 0.8m tattoo may cost more than £250,000.
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In the UK many women are willing to have tattoos with intricate designs, as they believe tattoos, like a large piece of jewellery, should be decorated with a different design for each woman, and that the cost of a tattoo replacement is not comparable to replacing a pair of shoes or handbag. Also, women don’t want to pay for more elaborate tattoos such as head or facial tattoos, as this reflects their body image.

Where to have a tattoo removal examination?

As well as getting your own tattoo removal specialist to perform the treatment, a patient may need to discuss this with their doctor.

For example, in South America, there are many tattoo removal surgeons within the public health system, and many hospitals offer tattoo removal. In South American countries it is common for the treatment to be carried out in the hospital’s maternity wards.

How much could a tattoo be removed?

At the start of a consultation, a consultation

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