How can I speed up tattoo removal? – Tattoo Removal Laser Pro

1, 2, 3. If you’re a tattooing artist, then definitely ask your client for his/her first few tattoo removal pictures so that you can make an evaluation as to their current tattoo removal times. If you’re a stylist, then see if you can tell when the tattoo removal process is complete by how much he or she bleeds or how much the ink on the skin has settled.

How long do I wait between sessions?

If you’re a tattooing artist, then definitely try to get your client to wait 30 minutes to an hour between sessions. If you’re a stylist, then wait 45 minutes between sessions.

I’m getting a full body tattoo. How long would I need to wait between sessions?

Depending on the patient’s tattoo removal time, you may need to wait between sessions for up to 3 months.

I’m getting a full body tattoo. Can I still see the ink if I take it off the patient’s body?
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Unfortunately, yes.

The patient’s body is not permanently covered with the tattoo; their skin is not totally removed. It’s very likely that the tattoo will become infected and that’s why you should probably get the tattoo removed right away so that your client doesn’t receive infections.

After I’ve removed the tattoo from my client’s body, how long should I keep it on my clients body?

If the tattoo isn’t completely removed by the time you get an appointment with your tattoo removalist, you should probably get it removed immediately and clean it of any remaining blood before returning to the clinic. However, if you remove the tattoo from a client’s body and clean it off with soap and water, then keep it on the client’s body and you don’t want to touch the ink with your hand, then you can have it cleaned in a bathtub full of warm water. After the water comes to a boil, it takes about 5 minutes to boil off the ink. In those 5 minutes, the ink can be washed off just as if you had taken a shower and the water doesn’t leave any traces of blood.

I forgot about this procedure during my appointment. Can I get this tattoo removed at the clinic again?

Of course. You should talk to your tattoo removalist about this as soon as you find out something’s wrong!

What are some tattoo removal tips I should have?

You should avoid any tattoos that are more than 24-48 hours old

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