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What causes them? (a detailed explanation, a video clip of how they appear, and information on each type of tattoo removed).

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We recently had the opportunity to visit the studio of one of our favourite artists/developers John Jai White. He’s the creator of B.J. Blazkowicz. We chatted for an hour about the game, development progress, and future plans.

What’s currently being worked upon?

The studio is in the process of adding to the game, but it’s currently unannounced. We are currently working on more than a 100 units for the player with additional levels for each. The next steps are to be implemented in a few additional levels and then all of the playable ones in the game.

What challenges have you encountered with the design process so far?

It’s a very complicated subject. Everything has to do with the quality of the art for the game. With this game, our original design is on that of a first-person shooter, but you don’t want there to be any FPS in the game like in Gears of War or Call of Duty. We don’t want that so we need a quality of what we need to be at the games level.

As a developer, what are your plans for the future? Will you be releasing on Steam as soon as possible, or will you be porting to other platforms?
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After the next level, you’ll be able to play the game on your own PC with Windows 8. All the other platforms would be at some point. If you wish to do so, I’ll definitely do that.

A more detailed breakdown of the game’s stages.

How is the game going to differ from the previous games in the series?

What we are changing here is that we need to build a game out of the first person perspective, which is a really big change. The game is on a similar scale. The environments are a little bit different, but everything else we’re working on is from the previous games. All that remains is more character development.

With the gameplay style of this game, it’s a good place that the previous games don’t need too much to differentiate themselves.

How long is B.J. Blazk

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