Does tattoo removal leave scars? – Tattoo Removal Cream Test

Tattoos can leave scars and scarring can take on a number of shapes and degrees and is common and common-place among patients with an open wound. It is more common for an open wound to be small (less than 1 cm or small cuts on the body). Some forms of tattoo removal leave marks in the form of indentations, cuts, bruises and other patterns of scarring. Although most of these are superficial, some scars become permanent and can look very disfiguring. An open wound may be healed in a few days time but it can take about two weeks for complete healing.

Why are scars left, so why do I need tattoo removal?

Scarring, especially a superficial one, can present a significant medical risk and can prevent healing of the wound (sometimes called scarring neovascularisation). For this reason, every patient with a large wound must be seen by a qualified doctor who will carry out a comprehensive wound check and a full assessment of the patient’s medical and surgical history to rule out any underlying medical conditions that may predispose the patient to such problems.

Tattoo removal is a common and acceptable way to treat an open wound, particularly for those who have suffered a deep wound, in the case of a tattoo. The removal of a large tattoo can greatly reduce the size and severity of the wound, minimising or eliminating the need to visit the doctor regularly.

Tattoo removal can also improve the shape and form of scarring in a number of areas where the skin’s natural healing cycle has failed to fully take place (e.g. the groin, the armpit, chest or face and the back of the neck).

What is scar tissue, and how does it cause wounds?

A type of scar tissue called scarring is the result of a healthy wound healing.

If the wound has been treated by a doctor and the blood supply to the wound has been restored by tattoo removal, the scar has been successfully removed leaving a healthy, clean scar. This is a very rare condition (less than 1% of the population). However, scars can leave scars and scars may appear in almost any area of the body, usually at some later time if further treatment is not successful.

What should I consider before I make an appointment for tattoo removal?

Before any appointment with your doctor, it is important to discuss how much scarring/scarring neovascularisation will effect your appearance. This will enable you and your

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