Do you have to be licensed to do tattoo removal? – Tattoo Removal Machine

No not at all. Anybody can buy a license online. You just need to go to the Department of Public Safety Web site in person.

Are there anything to check if I want to do a full or part head tattoo without a license? Yes indeed there are. First thing to check is the cost of a license. Most people have a fee already charged to them when applying for a tattoo artist license. There are no actual costs like what you pay to have the license, it just depends on the size of the tattoo. For instance a “mosaic” of your body, a “cross of Christ” or “pale blue dot” could cost about $200-$500. You can always contact us in advance to see if you should pay the additional $95.

What kind of license do I have to have before I work for an artist?

In addition to the tattoo license, an additional license is needed for all other “body piercing” work. As a body piercer, you are required to get a medical certificate from your physician which includes your license, license number, and a description of the procedure. When you present this medical certificate with the license application you’ll be asked if you have the appropriate license.

Do you have a specific time frame for when we receive the license? All artists must be licensed by the time they are scheduled to perform their work.

What is a certified tattooer?

Certified tattooers are licensed by the Department of Public Safety and are therefore able to work in the public. They are required for clients to carry out their tattoo-related body piercing procedures. They are also required to be licensed by your local Board of Public Health.
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When do we get our license? How long is it? A license can be obtained and renewed for 5 years.

Where can you get a license? There are many locations around the Washington DC area.

How many hours do we need to perform a tattoo or body piercing before getting a license? You have to perform an amount of work over a period of time from 30-60 days.

What if there’s no one at the clinic when you need the license? Once a license is obtained, only that applicant is on the staff.

Where do I go to get my license? You can visit the Public Safety Web page in person, pick one up online, or apply for it at any of the locations in the city of DC.

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