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This question arose last summer when My Little Pony artist and writer David J. Scharf sent a few images of the Friendship Is Magic characters tattooed with yellow inked up. Many of us wondered where they were getting the yellow, and whether or not it was a safety precaution.

David replied to his viewers in two ways:

“For the record, the yellow inked version of Pinkie Pie is actually a custom version that was made in 2004. The original pink was done in 2005. The purple ink itself was done in 2006. Yellow is the actual color used on the body.”

“If you see the yellow for the last time (and you should be able to at some point), the next time you see Pinkie or Twinkletars you will notice that their head is covered in it. But if no one does see it, then I know you’re safe. In other words, I can’t promise you will see the yellow. But I can tell you that it doesn’t make a large difference. Even if you don’t like the color of it, it does not make the character any less purple-haired.”

He went into his explanation at length:

“…a custom Purple-Haired Pinkie Pie and a Purple-Haired Twinkles are all I can really say about that.”

So there we have it, David J. Scharf has made an educated guess and that’s all that’s been revealed so far.

In fact, this question has been asked a lot on his forum as he’s gotten it answered many times, and I’d like to know some of the answers to this one! So if you see any information that may help identify this tattoo, please let me know!

I mean, it’s been a few years for David and I haven’t seen this question on the forums since then either.

How do you feel about Pinkie Pie being red?

I know this question may come across a lot as the answer is obvious, but for the record I can tell you that I don’t see it as harmful.

If you haven’t read our article on the Pinkie Pie controversy, you’ll want to check it out here.

The story is quite well-told, and for those who don’t follow the My Little Pony fandom or know the situation at all, it’s extremely touching. We see the “Red” characters get all the attention because of how much fandom they had —

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