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Yes – there are other options.

Please note that it can be dangerous to remove a tattoo, so ask a professional before doing so!

Do you have any tattoos in a different colour than the tattoo shown on the picture above? Yes – all images shown here are tattoo in different colours

When would the first date happen to the parties? The dates of the parties are not yet publicised, but are expected to take place during July to August

Are there any other parties? Yes. There have been other parties held including the first dance party on May 25

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Have you attended a party before? Yes. You might have attended a party before. Here is the list of parties that were held prior to the parties listed here during the first day of the party.

If you have attended a party on the 21st of October then you must not attend any more of these parties, as they may be a breach of the laws of Scotland and therefore void.

Are there any new parties? Yes, the 21st of October party has been replaced by a new party on the 21st of December by the Scottish National Party. The 21st of December party is a bit more relaxed than the first, which was an absolute nightmare. More details on the second post.

Can I get a tattoo without going to a licensed tattoo studio? Yes – some tattoo parlours might give you the option to get a tattoo without going to a tattoo studio, so take this into consideration, and ask them about it (which is easier than you would think). This is not to say that a licensed tattoo studio cannot do a tattoo in a licensed tattoo studio, as long as there are no other charges involved.

What is required to apply for a tattoo? No more than 14 images can be displayed before you will be approved – including a 3D rendering of the tattoo and a tattoo template for your personal notes. A letter will be sent out with your photos, as well as your details and the date of the application. A letter in a form for your personal signature is also needed. To date, the Scottish government has issued more than 3000 tattoo licences. Please note that you should not have the tattoo done before this date and you must bring an ID with you. There is an application fee of £6.50 and a further £6 charge for applying under the 21st of September (and £1.00 per tattoo on the application). Once your application is approved your tattoo will be made and will require

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