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I am on the cusp of getting my first tattoo and this one was a very important step in this process. There’s some pretty big medical jargon surrounding tattoo removal in my situation and it’s complicated. I’m a pretty serious patient and I wanted to do this safely and responsibly. Before I started, I had a feeling in the back of my brain that I couldn’t take it. I had a feeling that I would need a needle and ink anyway.

So I reached out to some of the other ladies in my class at the time—the ones who make tattoos for fun, not for a living, and some other tattooing partners I’ve worked with in the past—and they made two different suggestions: 1) keep it to two days and do it as you want to and 2) have me go in for a procedure with a professional before the tattooing session. These weren’t the biggest tattooists I worked with—those were the folks who have been there many years and have tattoos of every shape and size and I love them even more when they have a tattoo that’s a little different, a needle that doesn’t work and just want to keep it real.

One of the things I liked about being new to tattooing and doing it with some of these other artists was that they told me what to look for when I’m thinking about getting a tattoo. It was helpful. I did a lot of research beforehand, and before I even asked them for recommendations, some of their recommendations were things that I knew I wanted to do—but I didn’t want to do them for money. It’s not every day I get a tattoo and find out I want to do this for $200, or $600, or $800. There are some artists here who think they can go in and get more expensive stuff done for a fraction of its cost without the artist being asked, but I think in my eyes, that’s not something most people would like to do, especially new tattoo artists.

I went to the clinic and started the consultation by telling them what I wanted done and what I knew about how to do it and how long to do it. I also took some pictures of me—this is what I had before my tattoos. I have these little pieces of paper with me everywhere and I’m very protective. I do try to be very careful because I don’t want some kid—someone like me—to put his hand on something I don’t want.

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After talking to the reception

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