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That’s the issue. What if I were a guy who wore a T-shirt saying “I’m a gay.”

Why don’t they tell us? They won’t tell us because they’ve never told us why we’re not supposed to tell the truth. It’s because gay guys are being killed. It has nothing to do with anything. They just want to scare us off because they don’t like us. This is the biggest joke in the world. This is a big joke. All of a sudden, someone’s coming out as gay. The people responsible for the suicides are these sickos. They could be coming out as straight. Why would the people responsible for this think it would be any worse? Why wouldn’t they come out as straight? Why are they going to do a suicide? Why? Why would they come out gay now? Why?

Because these people are so scared. This entire story’s a huge lie. Let them kill themselves, just like a woman did.

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We take a look at the 2017 NFL Draft as it sits at #9 overall with every mock team as they prepare for Day 3 of the event, where the Los Angeles Rams will select 18th overall.
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We’ve got both our standard mock drafts as well as my “invented” second order mock with some players that have gone elsewhere. Plus, we break down a few potential trade possibilities…

All mock drafts can be found here at Yahoo Fantasy.

Mock 1.0: Los Angeles Rams – Todd Gurley. Gurley’s off season will be the talk of the draft after his recordbreaking combine numbers. He has an NFL frame for the position that will make him an elite RB option for a long time. Gurley is currently rated by most as the #7 RB off of the board and is the favorite to be chosen in the first round…

Mock 1.1

Mock 2.0

Picked up the latest mock, it’s official, there’s no way Todd Gurley is not going off the board. The new #1 player is the Rams No. 3 selection – Todd Gurley. Gurley is the perfect player to fit the Rams’ high-powered offense because he can run it effectively after the catch and is elusive around the goal line. While he’s only a RB, he would be a great addition to the Rams and would create matchup issues for opposing defenses. Gurley is currently being

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