Can some tattoos not be removed? – Tattoo Removal Laser Pen Kit

Absolutely not, if tattoos are done to enhance one’s character and it’s part of your culture anyway. They can be removed at any time by a qualified cosmetic and/or electrologist or artist.

Do I need a plastic surgeon for my tattoos?

No, but you may want to consider a plastic surgeon (or one who specializes in cosmetic plastic surgery) in order to determine whether a tattoo on your back does/does not match the design of your chest skin.

Do I need to wear a bra or corset for my tattoos?

Yes, though it is usually better to wear a loose fitting bra. You should not attempt an anorectal excision in a bra or corset, since that would restrict the movement of the skin and skin infections in the area.

Is there any medical significance to an anorectal excision?

No, it is purely cosmetic surgery and any medical treatment (medically necessary) is given by a physician. If it is needed, it is likely to be given at a hospital within the United States.

How do I know if an anorectal excision is needed/needed and how long is it typically taken to complete?
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An anorectal excision is likely to be done between two and eight hours (depending upon its complexity) per client. Some procedures can take up to 4 hours (and up to 8 hours for more complex procedures).

Are there different stages of surgical success for the same surgery?

There are two ways to assess surgical success. They are: (1) if surgery did not restore full mobility to the affected area, or (2) how quickly the skin heals on the affected area following the procedure (i.e. whether you will need to wait a week before having it done again)

What is the cost of an anorectal excision?

No, it is generally only a cosmetic procedure, and usually a local hospital or private service. The majority of anorectal excisions are done in the United States.

Can I get approval for an anorectal excision at the same doctor who told me I needed the procedure originally?

Yes, however, only when you undergo the procedure that is recommended by your medical advisor.

Can I get approval for an anorectal excision at a local specialty center and get it done at a hospital within 3 days of approval?


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