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While some tattoos are not removed, others are. The following is a guide to remove tattoos without removing the underlying skin. As with most tattoo removal, the results may vary considerably from person to person.

Remove tattoos that have been done as part of a larger process such as the removal of a tattoo, piercing, or removal of a portion of the upper lip. This process involves a permanent removal of the tattoo which generally takes a while.

A second technique is to have a plastic surgeon remove your tattoos. This technique is done at an outpatient surgery center (private treatment) for a small fee. The only way to know where one is going for this procedure is to read the fine print, or to ask. There are only four locations in the United States where a plastic surgeon who is not a full-time professional can perform this procedure: In San Francisco, California; Los Angeles, California; Miami, Florida; and Charlotte, North Carolina. There are also a few specialty centers that perform this kind of work, such as Plastic Surgery Without Pain, Inc., in the Chicago, Illinois area, or Sturgis Plastic Surgery, Inc. of Southfield, Michigan.

For people who are interested only in a full removal of the tattoo and have no desire to see a specialist, it is possible to have it done at home. A simple skin preparation will remove most of the tattoo on a small area and leaves very little trace of the tattoo on the skin. The reason a large portion is taken off is that the tattoo removal is not really a surgical procedure. It is rather a cosmetic procedure that involves thinned skin, which can be left permanently discolored if left untreated.

If you are not interested in having your skin removed but would like a tattoo removed, you can have your tattoo removed elsewhere. The procedure for removing tattoos that are not removed permanently (i.e. those that are permanently stuck on the skin or on other body parts) is to have the tattoo removed in order to permanently remove the tattoo. Removal of these tattoos can be done in clinics (private treatment) for $400 or out-patient surgery for $1,000 plus the cost of the tattoo removal. (The cost of removing the tattoo itself is $100; but because of the large amount of time and expense involved, this procedure is rarely performed by professional tattoo removal surgeons.)

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