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It depends. Salt can pull out some blood but can also cause the tissue it’s on to rupture, or dissolve altogether. Lemon juice can be used to keep your tattoo healthy but, for best results, it should only be used after the tattoo has completely dried.

How do you know if a tattoo should be removed?

In order for the tattoo removal to be successful, you should be fully aware of how to remove it safely and effectively.

Do you have any doubts before you tattoo removal? Share your experiences so that others may benefit from them!

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The first game in the Resident Evil series, now remastered and available exclusively for PC in 2017, will not have a new trailer.

It will be replaced instead by the first single-player mission released in the ‘pre-release’ version of the original game called “Rise of the Umbrella Corporation”.

Resident Evil Revelations will launch on September 27.

By John Walker

On a recent visit to St Petersburg Russia, I met a group of about 20 American businessmen from companies based in St Petersburg and Washington D.C. The trip was sponsored by Vorsogamo – the Russian business training and development organization. Vorsogamo – and their partners – are engaged in the creation and implementation of programs geared toward establishing the next generation of Russian businesses and industries. Among the goals of this effort are the provision of training, business advice, and financial assistance in the Russian language. For more than 30 years Vorsogamo Russia has been providing professional business and administration training and advising, and financial assistance to the Russian businesses and government to help their growth while establishing their long-term viability. Here is the introduction to the group of American businessmen that I met in the Russian capital on March 16th.

The Meetings

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I began this trip by visiting their office, a building in one of St. Petersburg’s major business districts. My host was a representative of Vorsogamo Russia but did not speak a word of Russian when I arrived in the hotel. When I told him I was from Atlanta he began to speak Russian. I asked him if we could share an interpreter by phone, and he happily agreed. After our brief chat, where he explained that he thought I was an American, he proceeded to translate my questions for me and explained his experience. I asked that I be allowed to take home and review the information Vorsogamo Russia

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