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The tattoo removal process has different stages depending on how far along the tattoo is.

A small, light burn or scratch can make it difficult to remove a tattoo. This is why a person is advised to wear gloves while removing tattoos and avoid direct contact with their skin.

A larger burn or scratch causes a higher risk of cancer. This can be caused by:

Exposure of the skin to high levels of UV radiation from sunbathers and other users of sunscreens

Smoking when the tattoos get caught in their skin

Tattoos getting caught on the inside of the teeth and jaw lines of people who chew on them

After being burned or scratched, the tattoo is left on the skin and can develop thick, purple-brown streaks. This may not be immediately visible, but skin cells may appear to turn purple and turn orange in the weeks or months after being burned, due to the chemicals in the tattoo.

Some tattoos, such as many piercings, can still be removed with chemical burns or with surgical techniques in certain cases.

What about other types of tattoos?

A lot of skin tattoos are produced by the body’s own cells. Other types of skin tattoos such as tattoos formed by the body’s own tissue are less likely to be removed by chemicals.

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Where can I find more information on tattoos in the UK?

Visit our Tattooing in the UK page.

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