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“It turns out that we can remove a single tattoo without causing cancer.” says Dr Fritzi, who will present her findings at the International Symposium: Tattoo Removal and Skin Cancer in the Netherlands on 5th July.

She is using the technique on a man in order to try to find out whether or not tattoo removal is a good idea for skin cancer. Her plan is to ask the individual whether or not they’d be willing to give up their tattoo. If so, we can try to make some sort of scientific study of the effect.

Dr Fritzi’s theory is that any chemical that could be used to remove tattoos is also used by the body to protect itself from illness or injury. So even people who haven’t got the tattoo themselves should not have to worry about the process removing it (just as the skin doesn’t have to worry about being burned to get rid of a wound).

“It’s important if you’re in it to leave a good impression, otherwise you’ll have to get another one of these,” she says.

We’ve heard that tattoo removal can be bad for the health, but Dr Fritzi isn’t concerned that removing a tattoo will hurt you. “I like to think of it like a medicine. It comes with a very low risk.”

And if you do get a tattoo removed that does cause cancer, Dr Fritzi is also ready to offer some advice. “I think it is very important to do medical exams before getting a tattoo because a regular check-up can be the difference between a healthy tattoo – which can keep the skin healthy for a very long time – or cancer.”

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