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A black tattoo may only be removed surgically. This is because black tattoos can be transferred back to a body during surgery for other procedures. This may include a procedure called phototherapy, which makes the skin more dark. If a black spot is not fully removed, it can be returned to the skin during a similar procedure.

How safe was this procedure? What were the possible side effects?

This procedure was performed safely at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Boston Children’s Hospital. The results from the studies and the research showed that the procedure did not lead to any side effects that the hospital was aware of. The only possible side effects to the general population were skin problems during the procedures. These included increased sweating and skin reactions.

A previous study found that after a single consultation with the hospital’s dermatology department, patients received excellent results. The cosmetic surgeon did extensive research on more than 100 black pigment marks. The dermatology department recommended that the patient not take anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs), and did not prescribe any drugs.

The surgery was successful in every study. Overall, the patients reported no concerns about scarring or itching or any side effects that would prevent them from returning to full contact with the skin. In addition, a follow-up study showed that after the first consultations for skin changes, no other issues have appeared.

What was the overall quality of this study?
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A total of 120 patients were enrolled in this studies and are being followed.

The study was conducted in hospitals and clinics in 12 states; it did not receive any funding from any industry. The study was fully monitored by the Medical Research Council, with both the Medical Research Council’s ethics and research oversight. All procedures were approved by the Brigham and Women’s Hospital Medical Center ethics committee for all patients.

The researchers also performed multiple review of the safety data. The researchers were able to get approval from the Health Resources and Services Administration for this information. Both ethics committees approved the procedure for use in the study.

How long did it take to conduct the study?

One team, which included three surgeons, performed the study in 2014, and all completed the study in March 2016.

Does this mean I can get a tattoo?

The results of this study do not mean that you should be able to get a tattoo of black color. It just means you should consult with your surgeon first.

Do you know of any other studies?

The results of these previous studies

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