Can a tattoo be surgically removed?

A tattoo is considered a part of a person’s body – therefore they are treated the same way as any part of a person’s body. We provide consultation and support, along with medical expertise, to help you make a safe choice.

Can a tattoo be removed permanently?

A tattoo can only be removed permanently if the person wishing to have the tattoo removed can provide an acceptable photo of the tattoo being removed in a way that is acceptable and not embarrassing. The surgery will be carried out at a specialist hospital to ensure that there are no complications. Surgery is only done after careful discussion amongst doctors, a consultation with a professional, and a decision of the patient, and family in consultation with the local council and the council authority. In the worst case scenario, there is the possibility that tattoos will remain on the body.

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How far does a tattoo go?

A single tattoo can be no bigger than the average human hair. However, the bigger the tattoo, the bigger the area that needs to have the tattoo removed.

What is permanent?

Permanent tattoos are not considered permanent and can be removed as easily as a one size fits all tattoo. However, in order for them to be permanent they can only have their tattoo removed at a specialist hospital to ensure that there are no complications.

What are the best places to get a tattoo?

There is no ideal time or place to get a tattoo. We can help you select the right tattoo artists and help you meet your comfort level, as we offer all over the UK tattoo studios including Bristol, Brighton, Liverpool, London, Northampton, Oxford, Plymouth, Sheffield, Cardiff, Manchester, Newcastle and Edinburgh.

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Why would somebody want a tattoo?

With more than 2 million tattoos in the UK annually (source: UK Tattoo Industry Statistics), tattoos and piercings are becoming more and more accepted as fashion. Tattoos may not be a fashion statement or something to be taken seriously at first glance, but the benefits of getting one can be more than the superficial, as they can help protect the health of your body.

Is it worth it to get a tattoo?

For those that aren’t interested in getting their head cut off at the age of 50, getting a tattoo offers the opportunity to really shine and demonstrate your own personal style to the world at large. Having a strong physical and emotional