Are old tattoos harder to remove? – Laser Tattoo Removal Aftercare Instructions

A new study suggests old tattoos might be easier to remove. “The most surprising finding was when I was actually doing the studies the tattoo artists did tend not to remove old tattoos with traditional methods,” said Dr. Rachael Wysocki, an assistant clinical professor of dermatology at the University of Illinois Hospital, in a press release.

Instead of applying a hot blade to the tattoo or using a laser to “suck off” the ink with an abrasive like a scrub cloth–the tattoo artist might leave a tiny dot on the surface of the skin, where it can absorb the tattoo and keep the ink from fading and becoming too sensitive.

The researchers looked at a large dataset from the World Health Organization, collected in 2005–2007. Their method allowed them to examine the effectiveness of tattoo removal techniques.

For one, they found that the amount of time that they had to remove a piece of tattoo changed significantly depending on the type of tattoo. For black and red ink (the least sensitive) they had to scrub it off about 90 minutes longer than white and blue ink.

On the bright side, the researchers found that old tattoo removal techniques such as shaving at an angle, or using a hot blade or a scrubcloth had less of an impact than traditional tattoo removal techniques, where they would have to scrub on the skin for about 30 minutes, “even if the tattoo is not very sensitive.”

Do tattoos make me look older?

The researchers also analyzed the prevalence and severity of ageism in the countries where the researchers compared. They found that as tattoos get progressively older, they become more prevalent among older adults.

One possible explanation for this is that older adults tend to have fewer positive experiences of aging and therefore would not see tattoos as being a sign of physical weakness or old age, just as women do not see tattoos as being a sign of being a mother.

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Other studies have found that men and women in different countries and cultures think different age labels are different or are not as appropriate. They may also be more apt to see scars and other marks on younger people–even if they would not see them on a younger person.

And if you have a younger sibling, you’re more likely to find that tattooing on them would be considered childish.

What’s next?

It is important to note that this study was only performed on healthy volunteers. We are still trying to determine the long-term effects of age on the body and

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