Are old tattoos harder to remove? – How Much Does A Small Tattoo Removal Cost

Older tattoos have less tissue available for removal and are susceptible to infections. The good news is that removing old ink will not cause scarring, making its removal more cost-effective than going under the knife all over again.

What’s the best way to remove old tattoos?

If you’ve been tattooed and want to go under the knife, a good place to start is to take a photo of your tattoo, place it in a special frame, and then send your photo to a tattoo removal expert (such as Dr John E. Jones of Jones Plastic) for them to remove it. They’ll send you a template so you can take a drawing and draw on it. There is another way to use them, which is to take a photo of a tattoo to remove, then send your photo to John from their studio (no extra charge).

We found that it worked on the majority of people. We’d send photos of the tattoo, the templates, and a drawing that you’d like to draw to anyone we could get some good feedback from (I don’t think we’d get much if we could only get one negative feedback). Most would say to John it wasn’t worth the price. Others were really pleased with their treatment and felt their new tattoos looked wonderful. Many people liked the cost, as long as it was under the knife.

How often should you use a tattoo removal salve?

In my opinion, the best time to use salve is when you’re in contact with tattoo ink, such as when you’re washing a tattoo or when you’re applying it to a new tattoo. For this reason, we recommend using salves every time you have your tattoo tattooed, unless you’re removing the entire tattoo.

How often do I be careful with my tattoo removal salve?

You can use salve on the areas on your body where you want it. Salve that’s left is very absorbent, and won’t just sit there gathering in your pores, so it’s better off as a surface treatment that doesn’t get into your body more than it has to; this means any tattoos you have should be covered with an absorbent, non-reactive skin cream before you use it.

Do they make a tattoo removal salves?

Yes, though if you already have a tattoo removal salve, you’ll need to order a new one. In addition to the usual brand names, a few other brands are worth investigating:

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