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That depends on two factors – how much time you spend and where you can see yourself as a young person – but on average a more than two inch tattoo may be more difficult to remove because it’s much more than just a small tattoo at the top of the skin. You have to take a good hard look at where the ink covers the skin and where it doesn’t.

As well, tattoo removal can often be a bit more difficult and more complicated due to the fact that it’s so deep in the skin. One of the best things about the new skin is that it feels softer and more natural, so you’ll sometimes be able to leave your tattoo untouched – without much of a fear of removing it. If your tattoo is the type that has been deeply tattooed by a more inexperienced person then there is a good chance you could have a very frustrating time removing it.

The good news is that it’s very easy to remove older tattoos. There are an abundance of excellent resources on the internet that can show you how to remove older tattoos. Most importantly you should always have someone you trust with you as they’ll be able to find out where your tattoo is in comparison to others who may have been tattooed a better way.

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