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The state of Iowa’s state fair is a place to remember how many days, years, months, and even years went by without the fair being open. To get you thinking, Iowa State Fair History and Culture has a special page dedicated by state fair historian Linda F. Jones. She discusses why it took the Fair 30 years to open, how it became a national attraction, what the changes were, and what the future holds.

“There was never enough time to put a program together and put the fair in its proper place.”

—Mary Lee Bostick

“All our efforts have been devoted to making it a success … We are not in the business of making money. We love it, and we think it is the greatest fair in the country for young people. I’ve spent my life fighting it and I think we have made an extraordinary fair.”

—Patricia J. O’Conner

“It has been a great success. It is an amusement park.”

—Kurt W. Jurgensen

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“There has been a great deal of work on the land.”

—John B. Levesque

The federal government is proposing a “national strategy” on cannabis, including rules for growers, manufacturers and sellers. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s “next steps on recreational cannabis production” will not include allowing people to continue growing it themselves, according to two documents obtained by Postmedia.

However, federal Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould indicated that a “national strategy” on legal cannabis could be forthcoming.

The first document was a document on the health and safety of cannabis and cannabis products. Under it, the federal government has created a task force to look into the issue. It will provide input to the government on the issue but the group is unable to make decisions directly.

The Trudeau Liberals have made little progress on implementing the plan to get legalized, with the Liberal government recently failing in a bid to have the Liberal health-care plan legalized by Parliament.

The next step is another one: regulating, taxing and licensing recreational cannabis producers. These will not be permitted to use indoor growing or the most efficient processes to grow, according to the document

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