Why are military tattoos called? – Tattoo Designs For Men Wrist

Military tattoos are named based on the military profession that a tattoo artist is tattooing. These tattoos will often have an emblem on them which will help define the nature of the tattoo. It is also possible to create an original military logo if this is where the person that is tattooing wants to be.

Is a military tattoo more permanent than a civilian tattoo?

Unlike a civilian tattoo which is usually just a simple, black ink on a small area, a military tattoo is an actual tattoo. It should be treated as such.

I’m a military veteran, do military tattoos count as a tattoo on my body?

No. Military tattoos are a permanent marker of military service. The purpose of a military tattoo is to highlight your service to your country, whether it be as a pilot, or soldier. A military tattoo is only considered “a permanent mark to the body that should be treated as such” when your tattoo artist has decided on the purpose of your tattoo. It is important to check what information your tattoo artist has on you so that your tattoo is not just a simple black circle.

How should I clean a military tattoo after I get it?

Because all military tattoos are treated differently it is up to you to clean each individual tattoo. It is important to wash each individual tattoo once a week. It is also important that you put a warm, wet washcloth on the tattoo before cleaning it. A gentle soapy water will help with both cleaning of a tattoo and healing. Keep washing your tattoo off at least twice a week. Also, be sure to use a special tattoo cleaning spray after you have washed your tattoo. A good spray is not a good tattoo spray. Be sure that you find one specifically made for tattooing. For example, it is best to use a spray called Dermocollagen Tattoo Cleaner because it is safe on all skin types and the water is clean so that it does not leave marks on your skin.
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Does a military tattoo have to be clean before I apply it?

Nope! Just clean the tattoo with water, soap and warm water.

Is a military tattoo permanent?

You may say that a military tattoo is temporary, yes. However, like anything else, it will fade over time. It would also be possible for a military tattoo to last longer then a civilian tattoo, however, it is hard to tell. What would be the point of putting this much time into a simple tattoo? If you have

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