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The Bible describes divorce as an “unjust separation” and a “dearth,” but the divorce was not a divorce of the spouses. For example, the Bible says in Exodus 18:22, “The one living by the other’s wife is to bring her back to him.”

But sometimes divorce is just not possible. You can also divorce someone by the power of divorce. Genesis 24:15 states, “And you shall bear your iniquity” and “So the Lord your God will bring you to judgment.”

Other times the two parties may be separated. The Bible says in Isaiah 6:15, “My son will go forth from among you, and I will take away from among you the people, and I will set up on the housetops of my people a prince.” And the Bible also states, I will bring My statutes and My judgments upon those who hate Me, that they shall pay My indignation.

A divorce should also involve more than financial woes. If someone wants to marry his or her partner, their spouse deserves to be married too. They should not be denied equal rights.

A couple’s relationship is not just based on money and money is not enough for the marriage. This means your family wants a great deal in return — you need to pay a great deal of money.

A husband and wife should work together to earn a great deal for their marriage. To help your spouse, the couple should not simply agree on each others fees.

And don’t just agree on a financial settlement — let’s figure out whether the settlement makes sense. What are your chances of making the settlement financially sound?

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