What tattoos are most popular? – Tattoo Designs For Men Upper Back

On a global scale women are the current leaders in tattoos, but they are by no means the only demographic to be doing them. The US, UK, Germany, Canada and Australia are all major tattooing economies, though a number of smaller developing countries are also getting in on the action. China seems to have taken the first steps in the development of tattooing as a profession when it introduced tattooing into a school curriculum in 2006 though it is widely acknowledged that many still feel that the benefits, like the ability to express themselves in the form of art, are over-stated. The US is yet to pass any legislation, whereas the UK and Canada both have an in-house body of experts who have the knowledge and resources to conduct research. A number of organisations are also working to establish more professional licensing and standards across the world. The US is already home to its own Association of Tattoo Artists (ATA), which is responsible for the certification and regulation of tattooing in its states. This group of individuals is supported by the American International Tattooers Association (NATA). The German tattooists are at a slightly slower pace when it comes to establishing their own groups or certification bodies, though they are also doing research on the topic and are in the process of creating an international body.

For the younger generation, it seems that tattoos have become a new ‘cool’ way to show individuality and to embrace their own uniqueness. Tattoos can be a very personal and beautiful way to portray personal feelings; some see them as a way to symbolise personal identity whereas others see them as a way of making personal statements.

Where and how did tattoos originate?

It would be wrong to say that tattoos were only popular in the past, so let me state that the earliest reference for the tattoo was by way of a painting that was originally called ‘The Tattoo’ in the 14th Century – though most accounts say this painting was made in 1350. There are several theories about this painting’s origin, some believe that it is that of a Roman soldier, while others believe it is that of a man named Patera. Both of these theories are based on the fact that Patera is the Latin name for Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius.

Some say Patera was a local Roman name which was used for the city of Londinium, the home of Patera where the painting was made, while others have it on account that Patera represents a famous Roman soldier and therefore people were

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