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As you may recall, the Department of Education conducted a nationwide test this year that was designed to determine if our nation’s high schools were fulfilling the basic educational needs of our next generation. The test, entitled “How Do You Learn?” asks the following questions:

“How does a teenager today learn? What does the student need to know and do in order to achieve success on their path to higher education, career, and life.”

The results? Only half of high school seniors had a full understanding of the questions; the others responded “don’t know.”

The test was administered by the State of California’s Department of Education this past fall. They had some of the nation’s largest high schools, including the Los Angeles, Fresno, and San Diego high schools, conduct their own, independent study. The report was provided to education leaders around the country, in the hope of encouraging improvements and ensuring the “true needs” of our students.

It also makes for some interesting reading, especially if you happen to be a child. Here are the questions from the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), as well as the responses to those quizzes:

The average student has not read a book in 7 years

Only one-quarter of sixth graders have an understanding of math & algebra

Many students have only learned how to count and subtract

Fewer than half have comprehended what’s expected in science

One in four students have only heard a single basic fact about history

Only 50 percent have understood “How things change”

Fewer than one in five students understand how to create their own work

Half of fifth graders

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