What religion Cannot touch dogs? – Tattoo Drawing

I am not a fan of Islam, though that is a little more than any other faith. I could never accept some of the things about it such as that if a woman is raped it is always the man who is blamed. But the fact that many people are very intolerant towards Islam in these times gives me no pleasure either. This is why I cannot really say how Islam touches religion.

But even if it does touch religion, it would be in very specific ways and only if you accept Islam (which you cannot), how Islam can touch religion has nothing to do with it.

Also, many people have made Islam more acceptable for many reasons. Like how Islam could be used to control people.

So if a man rapes a woman and that woman goes to the police, then his family is supposed to be forced to get a DNA test and submit to a polygraph test. That is a step towards being judged (punished) and for that I can not say Islam can touch religion.

I guess I have a problem with Islam being so easily accepted.

Islam and Hinduism

If you think that Islam is a religion of peace, please do visit www.sikhdailymail.com/news/a-brief-history-of-holy-gods-with-jews-of-islam-7432968.php and read about many more religions and more questions I may have asked.

Why have some aspects of Islam been accepted and accepted in the Hindu community.

One example is “In India the caste system is still intact. One of them is Hinduism. They accept Islam only when they are forced to accept some of the other religions,” the Hindu said.

You can read about it here.

Why are so many Muslims fighting?

Most Muslims in the current situation are forced to fight. That is the big problem. They are always fighting and no matter how many Muslims there are they cannot fight against the country which is already filled to the brim with the Muslims.

I am not one to say that most of them are “warlike”, I agree with the statement “Everybody is warlike in their own situation as they are not always able to see the other side clearly” (http://sikhforums.india.com/mishna/articles/12/5/what-is-war-like-in-new-jersey-a-ref-from-

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