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Can a dog be considered a servant of God?

If it were not for The Dog Whisperer, you probably would not know that Dogs are one of the most revered and honored animals on Earth. This fact alone justifies the creation of The Dog Whisperer.

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“There is nothing I fear so much as your existence – no one.” — The Master Chief, to ONI interrogator, on the Covenant[6]

The Human-Covenant War is one of the major wars of the Covenant. Its name is a corruption of the “War of Attrition” that took place during the Forerunner-Flood war. The war itself lasted for seven hundred years, which is long enough for humanity to have developed space travel. The entire event is known to the entire galaxy as the “Second Great Schism.”[1]

This war was known as the “Second Great Schism” because the war’s conflict resulted in the loss of humanity’s home on the planet Sanghelios.

History [ edit ]

Background [ edit ]

“We cannot be the last human colony in the galaxy.” — The Chief to his fellow ODST soldiers during the Fall of Reach.

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The earliest known colony on the planet Sanghelios was founded by humans in approximately 1,500 BC.[7] Although humans eventually spread to other places throughout the galaxy, the Sangheili were the first to colonize the planet.

Sometime during the Covenant War, humans reached into the Great Dark beyond the Milky Way’s galactic rim. The Sangheili were initially unwilling to cooperate with humanity’s cause and the war led to their near-total defeat by humanity, causing the species to retreat from the galaxy and the planet’s destruction. The Sangheili retreated to the planet’s surface for many decades, but over time the species began to recover from the war, and began to rebuild. Human and Sangheili ships began trading with one another, with humans becoming more independent from the Covenant through the discovery of Forerunner technology and the Forerunners’ attempts to use technology found in the galaxy around them to conquer other species. The Sangheili eventually allied with the human empire, and the Sangheili were granted independence from the UNSC in January 2558.

Human-Covenant War [ edit ]

Main article: First Battle of Earth

A Covenant vessel is damaged in a battle with UNSC forces on the moon in October

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