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This new trend is actually one of the oldest in the tattoo world, even existing long before the invention of tattooing sticks. The first tattoo that was commonly used to decorate a person’s body was done back in the early 1800’s by a famous tattoo artist in New York City named Lillie Mathers, known as Lillie Jane. In her book “The Tangerine Blossoms” (1903) she wrote:

“The first time I was in New York, I learned in a shop for the tattooists at 5th Broadway where this work of art began. At the time in which the art was being done, the work in New York was in very little demand on the streets. That I was to go in quest of ink by which to color my portrait of my wife. I went in, and they began my practice. I have no notion of the skill in which the tattooer does his business. These work, therefore, could be made in New York, but not anywhere else. They were to be made in New York by the most experienced tattooers in the world. But you must bear in mind what time has done with these art.” . . .

These “tattoo work” first appeared on the streets of New York in the early 1800’s, and the idea of decorating one’s body for a particular person soon spread to the rest of society.

Although the tattooing culture of today has changed drastically from the one described in Mathers’ work, the tradition of decorating one’s body continues to be used worldwide, especially in more formal situations. In fact, the tradition of tattoo jewelry is so common, that it has spawned several companies with their own companies that make tattoo jewelry.

Which type of tattoo work has this new trend created?

As mentioned earlier, the “tattoo work” in the past was often made with tattoo stick or sticks and a pencil. There is much variation among these type of tattoos for women. They may be done with a tattoo stick or a needle, or a tattoo marker. You may also want to look to a barber’s chair or an artist’s block to get a more elaborate tattoo.

Which age groups are involved with this new trend?

There is no age requirement required to get your custom tattoo. You just need to know how to use a needle and tattoo stick. Once you understand this process, you can use any type of tattoo you can find, including

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