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According to Islamic law, she is allowed to go to a male relative, marry him, even if she doesn´t want to because she is not married or have kids. In a letter that was released in the name of the Imam, the Shari`ah Court in Amroha, Morocco, has ruled that a woman is permitted to marry her female relative.

“In this case, the court ruled that a court shall not grant a divorce to a woman if her deceased husband was her aunt, brother or cousin. However, as the legal documents in question do not state this, it is possible for the woman to marry her relative.

In addition, it is permitted for a woman to marry her cousin from a distant land or village. If she marries her relative from a land or village that is far distant, she cannot ask for a divorce because the court cannot give her legal authority to marry someone that she has never met. However, that does not mean that a woman cannot marry her relative from a land or village that she is from. She could, in this case, divorce from her relative from a place that is far distant on the other side of the mountains.

She is permitted to marry her relative if she wishes to. That way, she will remain her relative even if the man she is married to dies before marrying her relative. She is permitted to marry one of her close relatives but not her relatives from a distant land until it is clear as to when the two countries will be reunited, through dialogue over the last few years.

In our society, there is no such thing as a “long distance woman”, who does not travel more than a few hundredkm from her home. For example, the man’s wife is more than likely to travel from the Gulf States to Turkey. She has married someone from her husband´s parents’ family.

A woman who married her cousin from a distant land doesn´t need a marriage contract. There is no legal or physical relationship between her and her cousin and she can not divorce him for reasons such as lack of mutual love. She is also not required to keep a marriage ring.

We encourage women to avoid all kinds of relationships with their former husbands/partners and to marry their relatives.

This article was originally written by a local researcher

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