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For those who haven’t been aware, black and white are two pigments that occur in nature. The two pigments are black (a pigment) and white (a dye). Black pigment is the opposite of white; it exists in the lightest or darkest of colors (known as the pigments’ “primary” or “perceptible” colors). It’s used in making certain paints (or other materials that contain it) or in making certain jewelry (or other pieces of jewelry). The opposite of black pigment is white pigment, a clear pigment that is used in making certain paint (or other materials that are “primed” with it). It’s not used to make clothing or fabrics, as some people mistakenly believe, but, instead, it is used in making certain medical devices (e.g. the white pigment used in artificial nails).

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So what happens when a black and white tattoo is applied?

The black (dye) pigment forms into a disc-like material (what the term “black base” actually looks like). When the disc is fully applied, one can see the black (dye) pigment in its pure form, which contains the red, yellow, green and violet pigments and their derivatives. All of these colors have a natural tendency to go together; when the disc is fully black, there are no yellow or white pigments present. The disc only contains black pigment, but it isn’t yellow. The disc is thus not a complete black. In most cases, the actual tattoo itself is white.

So, as an example, there is a perfect blue diamond with a flawless top and a fullness of blue and a fullness of green. On the diamond is the exact same blue and green as above and the color of a diamond. However, on your skin and on most other white base colors, there are no blue or green pigments present; when you apply the white base color, the pigments in the top layer are the pigment you’re looking for.

So when did black and white occur, and what color would look most like “blue” when applied?

It was around the end of the 19th century that it was discovered that there were two pigments that have the properties of being white and being blue. This led to people applying these two pigments (with differing properties) to different body types. What was discovered was that the color of the body type on the skin (i.e. the “primary” color (

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