What is black and GREY tattoo?

Black and white tattoo in one piece or all at one time?

Is it safe to have a tattoo in black and white?

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BALTIMORE (WJZ) Baltimore police are looking for a man who robbed an Uber driver in the West Baltimore area, stealing $30 from the driver’s wallet.

The taxi driver had been taking clients to his West Baltimore office to sign up for the rideshare service.

Around 3:45 a.m. last Friday, the driver said a suspect struck him out of a dark red car, then stole his Uber app credentials.

Police said the driver stopped by the cab office on East North Street and said the suspect tried to get inside the driver’s vehicle, but he was unable to unlock his door without the app.

After the suspect drove off, a passerby called police who arrested the suspect on charges of robbery and carjacking.

The suspect is in his 20s, around 6 foot 2 tall, last seen wearing a light blue hoodie with pink letters over the name “Benjamin.”

The first-ever “Guitar Center Tour” began this coming June. (Photo: Courtesy Guitar Center) Story Highlights Tour will mark 20th anniversary of popular brand’s first tour outside of Canada

Tour will launch with three sold-out shows in the US, Canada and Ireland

Tour also will feature appearances by other legendary guitar brands including Strat, SG, Fender and Precision Bass

Guitar Center, the official global dealer for the world’s top guitar brands, announced Wednesday it will launch its first-ever “Guitar Center Tour” with three sold-out shows in the U.S., Canada and Ireland this summer.

“We are very excited to bring the Guitar Center Tour to the U.S. for our fans, with three sold-out dates, including a sold-out headlining show at the New York Philharmonic in June,” said John Sarno, vice president of Global Sales and Marketing of Guitar Center. “This shows guitar retailers globally that they are the perfect match for us, and will ensure it is a huge success for Guitar Center over the years.”

The tour marks 20 years since the first-ever Guitar Center Tour tour outside