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Tattoos usually refer to body art or the art of self healing. Many tattoos include an image of your skin in which a symbol or name from your tribal heritage has been carved. In some cases a seal or seal image may be added, for example the Samoan emblem. It comes as a relief or on the body. Tattooed people generally have an identity with their tattoo design. The tattoos come from different places in our culture.

As a tattoo artist you are often asked if tattooing is harmful. The answer is no. People get tattoos. So the message is not only you are the creator of your own uniqueness, but you are also a part of a tribe’s culture. Tattoos are a way of expressing your identity and they can also be a way of expression and belonging that you will never give up.

Tattoo art and tattooing by the numbers

In Samoan mythology tattooed people are spirits. There are three aspects of a Samoan tattoo that can help you learn to understand your tattoos. You will find that the more you understand them the more likely it is for you to get one.

First thing you may notice is there isn’t a tattoo industry in Samoa. This is because in Samoa the tattoos are sacred, very much so in fact that it is hard to get one without a tattoo. Even the term tattoo is taboo.

Secondly, there is no real form of currency in Samoa. No real currency. It is all about the exchange of goods and services.

A Samoan tattoo is like writing a word on your skin. You can write whatever you want using a pen and ink, pencil, clay, or any traditional tool that people have used for thousands of years. It is an expression and representation or a symbol of a tribe. It can be a seal, star, or even your own name.

The third aspect of Samoan tattoos is the tattoo itself. It is important to understand that we tattoo people for many reasons and it is one of the most important parts of Samoan culture.

A tattoo is only one aspect of a tribal tattoo. There are many other tattoos and many more reasons why we tattoo people. It is not about getting the most obvious tattoo that looks beautiful on your body. It is about connecting with our culture and our people, which allows for better communication with all people and an easier way to connect with our ancestors. The Samoan tattoos and tattoos is a way to communicate with your tribe in their language

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