What is a glyph symbol? – Infinity Tattoo Designs For Men On Wrist

Let’s look at an example:

In the font you’re using, the name of the style, called “Helvetica Neue”, is the glyph symbol, [ ] . (This is the exact same symbol as on the label in the image above.) This means you can type “Helvetica Neue”, and if you want to type “Neue”, the glyphs will convert to each other, and you’ll get “Neue”. Here’s what it looks like in the command line:

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$ cguides . Glyphs-info | select-all . Neue Neue . Helvetica Neue . Neue . . Neue Neue Neue . [ .. .. ] Neue Neue Neue Neue

The second command line is just the same as the first. The main difference is that you get the full glyph symbol if you type “Neue”, but if you type “Neue”, it only works as you would expect, i.e. “Neue”. That is, if you have a