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We know today that this statement can have different meanings to different people. This Bible is not just an outline of health advice to people in modern times! It’s a living, breathing text in the eyes of God.

For a full explanation, see the section on food in the Bible.

Where did God place these foods?

As you move deeper into the Bible, you become aware of the different kinds of animals food we eat, the plants we eat, and the kinds of food that God uses in His creation.

What does God mean?

We see that God has placed different kinds of food in order for us to eat! For example, God makes plants, animals, herbs, fish, and fungi into food.

“You are the God of all the land and the sea.” (Gen. 1:29)

God gives plant foods for food! God provides food for animals and for fungi, plants, and herbs!

“As a result, the birds, the beasts, and everything upon the earth was destroyed by his anger…. He made the wild animals into food.” (Eccl. 5:5)

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God “makes” food! God provides food that animals eat. However, it isn’t just plants that God makes! The Scriptures show that God “makes” foods that are edible but not inedible — that is, “creates” foods that we cannot consume.

God places animals in a specific kind of food.

“So you are my people,” declares the Lord. “I will put on you a glorious temple and a name better than your own. I will give you forests, hills, waters—everything with living creatures, with beasts of prey, and birds of the air…. I will make you prosperous—not just economically, but also socially.” (Isa. 49:6-8)

Notice that the whole area of the earth is included in the promise! This is the promised land! The whole world will thrive!

“My son, I will send you some of the fish that I have caught in the seas and those that you have seen while fishing in waters. I will also put some of the fish in vessels and will let you fish in it. They will not cause your heart to fail or your eyes to despair. They will be a blessing, like the blessing I give you. You will eat from their flesh, but I will also give you some of the plants I want

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