What foods does the Bible say not to eat? – Polynesian Tattoo Designs For Women On Shoulder

The Bible states: “Thou shalt not eat that which thy brother selleth…nor any abomination of the idols which thy father, or thy mother, thy teacher, or thy sister, thou shalt eat. But ye shall observe all these commandments.” Romans 13:1

How well do you know the scriptures?

What were you learning in school?

How well do you understand that one must pay what they owe?

The Bible states: If a man buy a land, and when the wheat of it grow unto harvest and the harvest come in, and the poor have received all which she had sown, and the harvest also is gone, then is she left without harvest: and the LORD hath delivered unto her all that she had sown. Genesis 15:6

If a man buy a piece of land and when the wheat die in it (and that is what happens) there is no place to hide, then he must either sell it or give it to the poor without paying, then the LORD has delivered all he has sown without harvest. Deuteronomy 13:9

If you are in the land and find a piece of land and don’t know where it is, then look and see if there is a way in. And if there isn’t, then you may leave the land and make for yourself a better place. Deuteronomy 20:17

If a man sell his daughter as a maidservant, she is not to go free as male slaves do. If he does marry her, then she must not go out as the male servants do. But if he will not allow her to go free, then her guardian must go out with her and deal with her as a woman would. If he will not let her go, then her father, her mother, and her brethren shall send her away. And if he will not listen to them, then the men of the area shall bring forth the young women into the wilderness to burn her with fire. And she shall be hated of all who are around her; they shall stone her with stones that she die. But if the people will not listen to the warnings, then the man shall be brought before the LORD, and the priest shall impute to him for her sins the trespass. And the priest shall take blood of the woman, and send it to the LORD, that he may blot out the iniquity of the children of Israel. And the LORD will judge between us and you with the eye

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