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Foods that the Bible teaches Christians to avoid, but don’t have to worry about violating a number of the Ten Commandments, are a key reason for maintaining the dietary laws of the Bible, according to the Bible Law School.

Many of these foods are already listed in the Ten Commandments. For example, they include:

1. Milk and butter.

2. Pork, mutton, and poultry.

3. Fish.

4. Fruits other than apples, applesauce, and grapes. If fruit is used during the day, the food must be stored in clean or dry containers (see below).
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5. Eggs, pork, and shellfish

6. Potatoes. These foods can be eaten up to two hours after washing.

7. Cheese and cream made in a home kitchen.

8. Sugar and sweets made in a closed bakery.

9. Bread, white or brown.

10. Bread, unleavened bread, or unleavened grain, like pasta, cornmeal or rye flour. These products are to be eaten up to two hours after washing.

Some of these foods have very specific instructions for eating them. In addition to being prohibited, if they are eaten before you are able to wash, they cannot be considered clean.

A number of foods will be mentioned frequently in the Bible. We’ll discuss them in detail in the next section, The Ten Commandments and the Ten Most Important Foods.

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How bad is your sense of smell?

New research suggests that a lack of smell (or an inability to smell) can be a precursor of psychosis.

“These results indicate that smell, both subjective and objective, may be involved in the etiology of psychiatric disorders,” says psychologist and researcher Paul R. Bressler of Northwestern University, Chicago, Illinois.


Bressler and colleagues collected data from a sample of 5,099 participants from the Danish Psychiatric Central registers that are linked to population-based mental health and criminal justice statistics. The researchers found that people with higher levels of smell were more likely to have schizophrenia, and also had higher levels of depressive symptoms, a psychiatric disorder in which the mood swings that come with the sense of smell are thought to be at least partly a result of the emotional distress caused by the condition.

They also found that people were more likely to have schizophrenia if they had an

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