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It means a lot to me because this one is a representation of my love and appreciation of this amazing species!

I have always been passionate about reptiles and it is true that if you don’t keep a loving relationship with the species you are interested in, you never know if someone else will find you and take you with them into the wild with them!

These are beautiful animals I can tell you but they are not easy to see when they are not around you! If you are looking for a companion or a pet, or are still in search of the perfect reptile to have as one of your pets then one that is beautiful, intelligent, beautiful and full of personality! then the Spotted Stinger is for you! I truly love reptiles! I have had them from the time I had been a teenager and have watched them evolve into one of the most beautiful natural creatures on this planet!

Thank you so much for your time, and I hope you can take the time to share your findings with others who may love to see these incredible creatures and have as friends all the way across the world!


P.S. I love the photos by the incredible photographer J.O. Dutton and hope to get his contact information so he can put his work out there for others!
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Do you have any photos of an African rock dove?

Sophia, I hope you can do me a huge favor and share these photos and information with other wildlife lovers and wildlife lovers you know! It can be an excellent way for us to share our findings with others who may be interested and also a way for myself, my family and/or our loved ones to learn more about the fascinating creatures we find and love! Thank you, again, for your time and I hope I can keep you updated on any new discoveries you find!

Please leave a comment below with the location of this photograph if you don’t have it in your possession.

Thank you!

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