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This name means “the last one”. One Malu means the last one living and one Malu means the last one on earth.

Bengo (Bengo Malu)

The name of a bird of the Malu species. Like most birds, they live in dense, forested forests. It was probably a member of the genus Bambus.

Bengo Malu, or “pilgrim’s bird”, lives in forests near the coast of northern Angola. This bird has a white bill and is large with a blue tinge to its plumage. Its bill has three rows of teeth which extend from both ends of the bill. This bird has long legs and is large enough to have its wings held up by its feet. These wings are used to climb trees. It also carries a yellow pouch on its breast which contains a green egg in each wing. The bird is not a hunter.

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This name is also given to a group of bird species known as the bengos. These birds are often confused with the pieds.

Bonito (Bonito Malu)

The name of a fish from the Malu group, common across Africa. Known for its white belly, red, blotched body and yellow underparts.

Dungeness crab, also known as the bonito, is a crustacean found in the tropical waters off the Indonesian island of Flores. It is closely related to crabs, being related to sand crabs. They can grow up to 3.7 metres in length or 1.25 metres in diameter. A small adult dungeness crab can eat up to 50 grams of meat and is called the “sea rat”. It is also known as the bonito crab. Their diet includes small fish, squid, octopus, crustaceans and crustacean larvae.

Bonito crabs are one of the most abundant tropical sea animals. They are eaten by many of the world’s large land birds and small fish. They are also available in certain Asian countries, Australia and New Zealand. Their shells are used to make cosmetics, car parts, and carvings, and they may also be used in traditional medicine.

Boobie (Boobie Malu)

The name given to a genus of birds in the Malu family known as the boobies.

Malinas – the names of the species vary greatly depending on the region. The Malina region refers to the

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