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The Malu (“Black”) was a sacred symbol of the Kalki people, and was the most important thing to be carried, and the one to wear, when in the company of the Kalki.

It was also a traditional part of the Kalki cultural life, having taken great pride in its association with the Kalki culture and traditions. As a result, when Malu-carrying was required, and the man did not have any other means of support, this symbolic weapon was always carried by the Malu.

The original form of the malu consists of two arms with extended wings, which reach down to the floor. The first finger is attached to the right arm and the wing extends down to the left foot. The second finger is attached to the left arm, the other finger reaches down to the floor.

Its significance in the Kalki culture and in Indian Hinduism

The original malu symbol is a representation of a Hindu God. The hand is the embodiment of the godhead, and the bird is the representation of the Goddess Kali, which is also a sacred Hindu Goddess.

When the Kalki began to settle in the North-East and settled in certain parts of central India, they discovered in the local Indian languages the word Malu. This word appears at least four times in the Kalki dialects. It is also found in the Sanskrit language.

Some of the Kalki texts say the Malu symbolised both the sun, and also said that they have an association with the sea. These are considered to lie at the foundation of many aspects of Kalki culture.

The Kalki Malu

Although there have been many variations of the Malu, it is considered to be the following:

Painted or engraved form, generally with two arms in the form of a cross;

The most common type of this symbol comes from the north-east- they are found in the Kalki dialects, where the Malu is also found,

The second most common type is found in the north-east and south-western Indian languages, sometimes with a third arm, often in the form of a circle.

The second arm of the painted Malu is usually in form of a cross. The three-fingered “V” is present if the Malu has two arms, like the first type. This third type is less common, with a fifth finger

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