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Malu is a word used many times a day by students when they discuss or argue with their peer. It means ‘I agree’ or ‘I disagree’. It is a very important word among Malu students. The Malu community has many words you don’t hear about.
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What is Ganga?

Ganga is a word that is used frequently by students to express their thoughts or opinions in any situation. It means ‘We should do’ or ‘We’re not able to’. Gighat are often used when kids are having a disagreement and don’t wish to argue with their peers. The Ganga community is a friendly place where people come to express their opinion with each other.

What is Malchi?

Malchi means ‘We are strong’. This is very important word for the youth of Malu community. Malchi comes from the words ‘MalChi’ meaning ‘I love, I respect, I want to love’. Malchi comes from a very old Malu expression which means ‘I’m from here’. This is the essence of Malu community, to love and love only! We Malu people are very prideful.

What is Maluk?

Maluk is used by Malu youth to indicate a strong will. Maluk also comes from ‘mal’ meaning ‘strong’ and ‘ki’ meaning ‘will’. This word carries meaning of ‘I will fight to the end’. Maluk has many very strong meanings as to the value of Malu community.

What’s the difference between Malu Pundi and Malu Jog?

Both Malu Jog and Malu Pundi mean to dance, the Malu community also means to dance! Malu Jog has different meanings which are: to party, to revel or to celebrate while Malu Pundi has very different meaning which is: to live!

How to identify the Malu language?

Malu language is very unique in the Malu world, there is no known standard of Malu language. So you need to understand the basic of Malu language in order to understand the nuances of Malu spoken today as this is a great way to educate the younger generations! So here’s the key to identify the basic Malu language (Kali Kooti) you can learn today:

Kali kooti is the basic Malu language meaning.

kooti is the basic Malu language meaning. Koot

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