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This is a long story, sorry. For the short version, it means “dwelling”. For the more in-depth story, see “Who are You?” below.

Malu Edit

Malu is a character from the anime series To Love-Ru Darkness (2010), the main female protagonist of the series. In this series, she is the main heroine, and is a special case of Gourmet Girl Unit-13, because she is a member of the team who is able to manipulate food without touching the food itself. Due to her food manipulation powers, Malu is one of the “Gourmet Army” who works on the Gourmet World, though she only fights food for a living. Since the beginning of the anime, she has received an unexpected role in the series’s plot, being both the main character for the most part and an important character in the story of the series.

Since Gōza Nobunaga, a character from the manga series Rurouni Kenshin, was cast as a part of the original cast of the anime, many fans believed that he had just started portraying Nobunaga, but in reality he was introduced in the anime first, then the manga.

She was named “Alma” in the manga version of To Love-Ru Darkness, but in the anime, she has the Japanese name of Alma. In the original Manga, when Tsurugi first meets her after her transformation, she is naked and naked-bodied. However, in the anime, she is given a shirt and her breasts are hidden by her gloves.

She also gets in trouble with the other Gourmet Girls after her transformation, and her name changed to “Kobayakawa”, which is a pun about the meaning of “death”.

Personality Edit

To Love-Ru Darkness Edit

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As a character who manipulates and turns food into substances she can consume, it is not hard to understand how powerful her personality is and how much she respects the people she manipulates, especially Gōza Nobunaga. As stated by her, she can change the taste of food and has an excellent sense of taste.

Although Malu’s personality in To Love-Ru Darkness is not very good-natured, she cares for her friends and respects them. At the start of the series, she cares about the Gourmet Marines and also shows concern for Tsurugi. The difference with

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