What does the Lotus mean in Buddhism?

The Lotus is the sacred place where the Buddha is reborn. We pray to him here in the middle of time. It’s the place that every human being would like to arrive at on the way to enlightenment.

Is the Lotus always present? Will you be able to see it again every year?

Yes. The Lotus is available from the very beginning. It will emerge in spring, summer, and autumn (sometimes in the same seasons but not always). Sometimes, the Lotus will appear in early spring to protect the village and then in summer it will appear during the rainy season, and finally in the fall it will become the place of rebirth of the Buddhas.

If I am the Buddha, will I have many wives?

Buddha (or Dhamma) is not a single being, even though it is the only ultimate reality. The truth behind this is not yet clear. In some places, it is said that he has a hundred husbands, others say one hundred thousand. Some even claim that there are a thousand Buddhas in a thousand families, or that they have all been born the same way. The truth is not yet clear.

What happens after the Buddha dies?

The Buddha is reincarnated in every succeeding Buddha, and then, with the help of Dharma, he is reborn in a different place in the future. It is all a story of a dream. When it comes true, the Buddha will be reborn by the ocean. And what happens then? We don’t know that yet.

Is there a difference between a Buddha and a Sotapanna or between a Buddha and a Bodhisattva?

The true Buddha is neither a Sotapanna nor a Bodhisattva. As stated earlier, the Dhamma is all there is. Buddha-nature is present among all sentient beings. We pray to him here in our lifetime because there is no other place we can pray to him.

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