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A. In Tibetan Buddhism, the Lotus or Lotus of Death or the “Lotus of the Unseen” contains a variety of teachings on the nature (dukkha) and destiny (dharma) of human beings. It is also the symbol of the highest spiritual achievement in Buddhahood (Buddha). There has never been established a definite understanding of the Lotus or its contents. In the Buddhist world it is a symbol of salvation and salvation is not determined by the merits or demerits of one’s behavior, but only by the intention of the person to develop the higher human nature and to reach Buddhahood – even if that means the rejection of the old religion!

B. The Lotus-tree, or the sacred tree in Buddhism, represents rebirth and is often represented in art as three branches or branches of different colors representing various aspects of human nature or rebirth. It symbolizes the three aspects of human nature: (1) the human body, (2) the human mind, and (3) the human passions.

C. The Lotus or, in modern Buddhist terminology, the “khandha” (divine, innate) is the highest level of human nature – its very nature. The Buddha said: “I am the best at teaching the three khandhas – self, thought, and feelings. I am the best at teaching the three khandhas to sentient beings.” (Yong-Rak, Sutta-nivakkha, p. 9).

D. The Buddha’s threefold teaching system is the Buddha Dhamma (also, the “Dhamma-sutta”), which is called the “Dhammapada” (which means “divine doctrine”. The Dhammapada is a large bibliography of teachings in many different languages.

E. The Lotus-tree is said to represent the three human natures in the world. In particular, it symbolizes human greed, human delusion, and human ignorance. But it is also the symbol of all three human natures at once: greed, delusion, and ignorance. But greed cannot be destroyed even by the force of hate. The Buddha is the best “teacher” or, in modern Sanskrit, the “perfect teacher” for all. He is the Buddha Dharma.

F. The Four Imperfections that arise in human nature, the Three Evils (samsara, or the cycle of birth and death) and the Three Noble Truths

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